Ana Bello

Ana Bello is a student journalist and will be attending college in the fall. She will be majoring in political science and international relations. She has been a features writer for the Foothill Dragon Press, an online publication, for the past two years. Stories that she primarily writes about are human interest pieces and topics related to social justice.

Victims fade while the atrocities remain burned in our memories – The Foothill Dragon Press

A vicious crime sent a local community, a college campus, and a much larger population into a feeling of indignation and despair. The murder of six victims and injury of several others impacted not only their lives and families, but the lives of those around them. An outpour of strength and resilience from the community is what should be remembered most, not Elliot Rodgers, the perpetrator of these atrocities. While his videos were aired and personal manuscripts have been published this has fur

Sexual assault resides in unexpected places – The Foothill Dragon Press

In light of recent federal investigations, even the most pristine and academically rigorous colleges are being exposed for their negligence in reacting to sexual assault charges. It is appalling that an institution where a student is expected to work extremely hard, spend a fortune on to receive an education, and uphold their schools legacy cannot be protected. A list of the 55 schools under federal investigation surfaced, and much to my dismay and to others, colleges such as Harvard, Dartmouth

Stereotypes of migrant workers affect students personally – The Foothill Dragon Press

Migrant workers are close to home for students like senior Lidia Vences, whose mother, Fidelina Vences, immigrated to the United States from Mexico, hoping to establish a life for her and her family. She worked as a migrant worker for four months, picking fruits and vegetables in the fields. Her wages were based on how much fruit she was able to pick for the day. “You have to be hunched over all day in the sun, which makes the job a lot harder,” Fidelina said. “It’s hard to work in the fields,

‘Slut shaming’ impacts Foothill students at school and online, survey shows – The Foothill Dragon Press

Whether they’re directed at Miley Cyrus or a classmate, words like “slut” and “whore” are not uncommon terms among high school students. Foothill junior Paris Dosch believes they are used more often now than they were in previous generations. “Back when our parents were our age, it wasn’t okay to be calling people that right and left. Nowadays I hear it all the time,” Dosch said. The Foothill Dragon Press surveyed 232 students Nov. 4 about their views on “slut-shaming.” Several 9-12th grade E

Conservative students feel voiceless in liberal environment – The Foothill Dragon Press

With the majority of students being liberal at Foothill, some conservative students feel that their voices are not heard. The Political Action Awareness Club (PAAC) is a place where students can voice their opinions, and is structured to represent both sides of an issue, but sophomore Camille Spittle has felt attacked for her differing views. “I feel like I can’t voice my opinion without groups of people attacking me. Like last year, my freshman year, I went to a couple of the [PAAC] debates a

Syrian American protesters rally at government center – The Foothill Dragon Press

More than 200 people gathered along the streets surrounding the Ventura government center Tuesday night with children as young as three to adults of all ages holding banners, flags, and posters, hoping for onlookers’ support. It was their second day of protest against the United States becoming involved in the conflict in Syria As the microphones were passed around the leaders of the protest, the rest of the crowd chanted “the people united will never be defeated,” “peace in the Middle East,” a

Anti American intervention, Pro Assad, and Pro peace in her homeland – The Foothill Dragon Press

Foothill senior Merai Dandouch was born in Syria, where she lived until the age of three. Even though she left the country at an early age with her family to pursue better education opportunities, the war-torn country is still home to her. Dandouch visits frequently with her family and describes the country as a beautiful place to live, rich with history. However, the past years of conflict have ruined a place that was once Dandouch’s home and have had impacted the rest of her family still livi

Dorothy Boswell provides students with disabilities opportunities to succeed – The Foothill Dragon Press

Facing adolescent changes and adversity is difficult enough for teenagers to handle, but the task becomes significantly more difficult if that teenager has a physical or mental disability. Dorothy Boswell School, Foothill’s neighboring school that sits on the corner of Day and Loma Vista, provides students living with physical and mental handicaps from across the county with assistance with personal living skills. Students aged 18 to 21 can help prepare themselves for their future in the schoo

AB 1575 may impact science labs, Bioscience Academy – The Foothill Dragon Press

Assembly Bill 1575, a new bill that reinforces a law prohibiting schools from asking students for fees, may impact funding for Foothill’s science department and for the Bioscience Academy. Students and staff are worried that integral parts of the Foothill’s science department will suffer under the reinforcements of the bill. Things such as labs, class materials and dissections are important to the interactive curriculum and have all largely depended on funding from students and parents in the p